Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Come On GurL

where is my study mood?
why i cant stay fokus to study last paper for tomorrow?
why i cant remember the notes today?
why this time i must feel it?
why? why? why?
maybe i feel so excited to go home or
i'm jelous for those has done their exam
no ameera!!!!
u can't like that
come on wake up
tomorrow its ur last paper for this sem
on 130pm u can enjoy as much u want it.. haha
(nothing to do when i've bored)
tomorrow paper penterjemahan BM.
1130 am at DTC
all the best meera n fellows frens who takes this subject.
p/s: bile hatiku mula gundah gulana n tak ley nak fokus pada malam ini. (",)

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